In love with Istanbul

The freedom and confidence you experience while traveling solo becomes addictive. And after a while, it spills onto every aspect of life. Once you are home, the eagerness for new experiences and the ability to laugh at misadventure becomes second nature.

Mykonos: A Gift from the Greek God’s

Life takes you down many paths … and my favourite one would be walking through these narrow alleys of white houses and the red and pink bougainvillaeas in Mykonos Town.

All Roads Lead to Roma

Italy has been on my list since I watched Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray, Love”. A lovely manifesto about women breaking free of the shackles of calorie counting and body image. There is something so refreshing about the advice to enjoy the pizza and forget about the “Muffin Top” – Just buy bigger jeans!

The Rockies : A Trip to Heaven

My excitement was no less than a five-year-old as we were nearing the top of the Canadian Rockies. All my life I had waited for this one moment … to see snow white mountains, and to touch the snowflakes. There are few things more magical than looking out of the window from the car and…

Melborne Sunburn

Melbourne or Sydney, there is always this battle when you think of which one to pick as your vacation destination. I went to Melbourne after being to Sydney, so feels like I’m swaying between the two beauties. Both Cities are amazing, have a persona and charm of their own. I was told Melbourne is a Victorian beauty…

My Celebrity Flush

Life is a journey – “see the world, and broaden your horizon”.  Travel has given me experiences I couldn’t have even dreamt of! First few times, you are really excited about the places and things to do. Staying at a plush hotel or resort excites you but then over a period of time, I noticed…