Casino for Dummies – Macau Story

My only Casino experience has been with Danny Ocean. His calm, suave and┬ácharming self stole my heart. Well, this was way before Amal came into his life. Long story short, George Clooney and Brad Pit in Oceans Eleven showed me the inside secrets of a Casino. And led me to my sequel at exploring Macau….

Maid in Hong Kong

Weekend in Hongkong has been hectic. Feels like am gonna need a vacation to get over this trip. So much of walking ..maybe 10 or 12 kms a day, that’s what the fitness app on my phone showed. But I can’t slow down either, wanna see everything I can before the expiry of this vacation….

Hongkong Skyline

Hongkong is a budget travelers paradise. From on arrival visa, with no visa fees, its an absolute delight.┬áHongkong could be overwhelming for the first time visitor, with the crowd and chaos. The skyscrapers and smoggy weather, hold on to your partner… Finding people who speak English could be slightly challenging. Download a map or download…