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With the Sun in Gemini, the urge for self-expression is strong. I Enjoy the “lighter” side of life; am frank, and optimistic. They say, Life begins at 30. And in my case it’s not a cliche. I started living my life and being myself in my thirties. Started travelling solo out of no choice.

“The World is a magical and fascinating place”.

And travel is all about breaking out of your comfort zone. I blame it on the society. Collectively, they’ve succeeded at making us scared of darkness. And more recently, thanks to media who have painted the picture of the world out to be this terrifying place of rapists and creeps. Any city in the world has a baggage that it carries. But outside of that and in our country, the idea that the world is something to be terrified of, especially if you travel alone is something I want to help debunk because the reality is the fear is “inside us”.

So what do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a free spirit. I want a world where we are surrounded with people who will encourage us to dare and do things above and beyond. Friends who will tell you 5 reasons why you should do something rather than scaring you about being in a safe net, one who will instil in you the courage to stand up, fight your own battles and take charge. I want to be that friend to you.

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  1. Diya says:

    Great intro! I’m a Gemini too and can relate to so much of what you have mentioned here. Nice to e-meet you 🙂

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  2. Shreyas says:

    Thanks Mam for your great intro about the travel. It feels like so easy for travel with some confidence.


  3. An inspiration for those having education, money , good health but afraid of breaking societal stereotypes. Iam here through quora..and follow your blogs.


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