Mykonos: A Gift from the Greek God’s

My first trip to Greece was a summer adventure through Mykonos and Athens. With the Instagram images of the blue Mediterranean sea in mind, I tweeted to the Foreign Minister of Greece to approve my visa, which had been stuck for over 45 days. Just like a blessing from the Greek gods, the passport, with the Visa stamping, appeared at my doorstep just in time for the take off.

While Greece has over 6000 islands, Santorini – the Honeymoon Island and Mykonos – the Party Capital are the most famous ones. You come here to live the lux life. If that’s not you, come for maybe a night or two to experience it. Between the two, I decided that Mykonos was more kind of place and left Santorini for my next trip.

Ferry is the most popular option amongst the holidaymakers to get from Athens to Mykonos. Ferry from Piraeus, the main port in Athens, could take you anywhere from two and a half hours to four hours. We chose the fast ferry of two and a half hours to the Island. I was worried about sea sickness and had a light breakfast; however the ferry was more like a massive cruise ship, and because it is so large, it sailed calmly through the Aegean sea.

I have always been a Budget Traveller. But two years of staying at home meant that I could save some money and now had the capacity to splurge on a fancier hotel, or an expensive once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hence, to make my vacation more memorable, we picked a Boutique Hotel – Panormos Village – overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos. At 500€ a night, this was my biggest splurge till date but worth every penny. Surrounded by the sandy beach with view of Aegean sea and rocky coastline, this is a little piece of heaven!

Surrounded by the sandy beach with views of the Aegean sea and rocky coastline … this is a little piece of heaven.

Panormos Beach

I have always loved beaches and the white sand and really anyplace involving water sports and beautiful scenery. The sand may brush off, the tans may fade…but the memories of the waves crashing against my feet and the wind blowing through my hair is something I cherish forever.

Call me crazy, but prior to going to Greece, I had no idea how delicious the Greek food really is! My days (and nights) were filled with Moussaka, Tzatziki and the Greek salad with Féta Cheese. While am not a salad person, the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, red onions, olives, and blocks of creamy féta cheese…dressed with olive oil and lemon juice…it was something to die for! It is some of the best food in the world! 

If there was one thing that was better than the food, it was taking down the walk in Mykonos. Life takes you down many paths, and my favourite one would be walking through these narrow alleys of white houses and the red and pink bougainvillaeas in Mykonos Town. There is a comfortable feeling in small towns… the familiarity, the warmth and the friendly faces – they all give a sense of security and calmness.

Humming Mamma Mia and frolicking through the cobble stone streets, I could barely walk 10 feet without taking pictures. There were these traditional houses with flat roofs, wooden coloured doors and blue shutters creating a unique atmosphere. There is a joke amongst the people living in Mykonos – when a tourist asks for directions, the answer is ‘you will find this place next to the white house with the blue windows.’

Mykonos has a distinct allure because of its laid back culture, the spray of the sea and the sun-kissed summers. Every beach seems to have different ambiance; some beaches are peaceful and quiet, others are more vivid and entertaining. The breathtaking views of the pristine waters gives you the perfect place to unwind and lose yourself while soaking up the sun all day long.

We spent the whole day exploring local art and craft stores and checking out decorative items along the narrow streets. There are stores selling expensive jewellery and watches, designer clothing , and plenty of souvenir shops. Life here is peaceful, not driven by modern day sentiments of anxiety and stress.

We wandered through the Little Venice , one of the most romantic spots in Mykonos.  Built in the mid-18th century, this quarter has charming houses which were once home to the rich merchants along the sea. Today, the houses have been converted into bars and cafés and are filled with tourists enjoying the vibe of Venice.

This is the place to be for the sunset cocktail hour in Mykonos. You witness fluid splashes of orange and pink leaking into the the sea, turning the entire expanse into a riotous colour palette.

Time really slows down when you sit down and watch the golden sunset. It feels like finally you can put that phone away and have deep conversations. But yes, you may have to reserve the table months in advance for that Instagram Pic.

The Little Venice

The Iconic Windmills

The windmills on the other side of Little Venice are the first thing you see when coming into the town as they stand on a hill on the edge of the town. These were built by the Venetians centuries ago, primarily to mill wheat and grains. These windmills, proudly standing in a row, have become a landmark not only for the island of Mykonos but that of Greek Islands.


The next morning, we planned on renting a quad bike to explore the beaches and suburbs! You need a car driver’s license for renting a quad. Most of them are 400 cc and the first time you hop on a quad bike, it is a bit scary. You are in charge of some serious power! One thrust of the throttle and you are off – bashing across the hilly terrain in countryside on an ATV to add some adventure!!! Do try this if you are in Mykonos 

Knowing a land is about experiencing its soul. You will need to go deep into its heart, explore the hidden gems the destination holds. Mykonos is just one of the thousands of islands in Greece known primarily for its customary beach parties. Over the last few years, a lot of property in Mykonos has been bought by the wealthy foreigners looking to buy Greek Citizenzhip (it only takes 250K €!). This has driven the prices up on the Island. There are many more beautiful islands, just a ferry away.

Mykonos is just one of the thousands of islands in Greece , and it is more of a “vacation/ party island”. Over the last few years, a lot of property has been bought up by wealthy foreigners looking to buy Greek citizenship (it only takes 250,000 Euros!) so prices on the island are a bit higher. There are many more beautiful islands to explore and those are just a ferry away.

As we bid farewell to this “piece of heaven”, I fell in love with the islands, but more with the people here – such warm and gentle hearts.

And I made one promise to myself – I will come back here, sooon! Until then, Αντιο σας

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  1. Aju says:

    Never know.. there is a another heaven like Mykonos.. Thank you for the beautiful narration


    1. Yes, for us who are from God’s own country … there is another piece of heaven to explore.


  2. Teju says:

    Stunning…. Such a Beautiful and peaceful island seems to be… looking at the pics and the you described ,feels like to visit once in life time.. Thank you for sharing


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