What is your Plan B ?


Have you ever thought of a Plan B? Like, what other than your current successful profession would you excel at? I got this dream that I wake up one fine morning  with Amnesia, with no recollection of my profession. Other than the fact that it pays me a lot of money, pretty much don’t remember anything else. And the Doc says, “don’t you worry, whatever skill you have will remain with you”. And, after some time, it starts freaking me out …What is my skill?? Do I even have one? How is it possible that I don’t really have any skill…Tried singing to playing tennis. There was no trace of Beyonce or Sanya in me!

Coming back to reality, I start pondering ..what skill do I know which will provide me a living??? Read somewhere that find your calling and passion would follow. I start looking all around, even wrote down my new year resolution; “Find your calling” ..but Mr. Calling, where are you ??

And then one day, “Uber” arrives!!! Yayy, this is one thing I could do. Well, am a pretty good (looking) driver, with 10+ yrs experience. Chalo , now that’s a big relief. Sounds like a plan. (Passion ko maro goli) Hopefully  car loan will gets over next year, which means have to worry only about the mileage. Now with a clear goal in mind, started interviewing every “Uber” driver who came my way. Each one of them gave me an update of their rags to riches story.

The guy who drove me to the Airport owns 3 houses in Bangalore! He even offered me some investment tips and made me realise that his networth far exceeds mine. Imagine even after working for  over a decade, my only wordly possession is a flat which is also on mortgage. How is it possible that his skill is far better in terms of ROI than my management degree from none other than the IIM??? (Ivy League)   I usually sleep through the flight, but not that night. Did a thorough analysis on his business model i.e funding, working capital, cash flow fund flow, break even period etc. All those management theories should be put to use somewhere in real life, at least to make me feel better if not anything else. My ego was at stake.

Like they say, the journey continues. I was getting ready to return home from an exhausting business trip. Was too engrossed in some email war with my irritating colleagues when the message popped on the phone:”Your uber has arrived”. I drag the suitcase till the car and continue waging the corporate war, typing out to glory when I hear a sweet voice. “Please put the bag in the backseat, Honey “. I looked up, a nice old lady at the driver seat. Now this was interesting. I am used to a chauffeur opening the door and taking care of my luggage. She looked so sweet in her bright green smile. “Come in front,  quick quick..it might rain”.


Am I daydreaming ?…Is that me 20 yrs from now ??  God, this cannot be true . And I get in shaking with excitement. She is a retired school teacher, one daughter and 2 grandchildren. Enjoys driving and ferrying passengers. Is it safe ??? “Well, I have completed around 1500 trips, there has never been a bad incidence. At 62 life is taking me places instead of being in an assisted living facility” She said with that everlasting smile.

You know what.. back in India, Children are the retirement fund, parents fund for college and children take care of aging parents. No Student loan ..no retirement fund either. And we don’t even have a Plan B  …Time to think ….


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  1. Alka srivastava says:

    Nice explanation about truth of life.


  2. Greeshma says:

    This thought of having a Plan B has crossed my mind several times. I have considered various options like being a tuition teacher, tour planner and even being a restaurateur. Then I wonder whether I have the required knowledge ( this include management skills and an analysis on working capital, sourcing workers ) and patience. A colleague of mine have thoughts about launching an old age home. (Of course, this won’t be a charity work). The only capital she has a few acres of land that she inherited from her parents.
    The point I am trying to make is there is no shortage of ideas. But, most of us don’t know how to work on it and make it a reality.
    Those who have not invested in kids (just because they don’t have kids) have to come up with a Plan B. This is because they don’t have a choice.
    Old age is a reality. And we have to spend the last years of our life with dignity. If we are masters of our fate, we have to make the right investments and plans before our brains succumb to amnesia.
    Even when I write this am unsure of what I would end up doing when I leave my current job. I admit, there is an element of fear. I am not giving up on hope.

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    1. True Greeshma, thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Yes, its just a matter of execution. Times are changing, Kids or no kids we need to look forward for a better tomm so why not plan early.


  3. seema says:

    Dear this is a serious question i am still encountering.i don’t have any belief in kids neither i considered them as an asset. i have not only thought about B but also C & D.but need more strategies for achieving the goals

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    1. I know…C&D sounds interesting


  4. recruitninja says:

    Brilliant. Nice read. Makes me think about my plan B and C. Honestly, at some point in time of our lives, we do go through this question.


  5. Jl says:

    The best plan is to have no plan at all. Most of the things you fear do not have power and statistically you have to try really hard to fall below the survival baseline with all those Ive league degrees and corporate experience in hand. Chill!!! If safety is a concern then drive Uber at day and rent the car out to me at night. May be that’s what the driver with 3 houses is doing. We are the last generation which would have organized jobs. Next gen would have to find something unconventional Usp for their survival. Do not pardon kids with old age expectations. Which other animal expects their offspring to take care of them when they get old? By far the best post. Keep up the good work. Keep scaring old people 😂

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