Be your own VC – Fund your travel

Travel Fund

Whenever people ask me how to indulge on travelling, I have only one thing to say – set right your priorities, and you could do anything and everything in life.

While I am not into luxury traveling, I’m not a backpacker either (Need spotless white linen on my hotel bed, and clean bathrooms; no room sharing or dingy places for me please). All good things in life comes with a price. Also, as I am a solo female traveler, need to pay a premium for safety.

So how do I finance for travel? Well, I work hard, avoid going to the mall and have automated my savings account, so that a certain portion of my monthly paycheck automatically goes to my designated travel fund.

Alright, let me clarify and elaborate more on my “Avoid going to the mall” statement. I enjoy shopping, but I am not a shopaholic. In fact, I enjoy window shopping more than swiping my credit card. It’s all about will power; If you like something while at the store, pick it up if it fits your budget. The golden principle is ” You are not allowed to buy more than one piece at a time”. One dress or One pair of jeans or shoes. Not all together. That way you aren’t denying yourself the pleasure of shopping, but also teaching oneself to be content. Try it! It works, in my case.

Do not try and fill the void in your life withthings

Understand the cardinal rule  – Know the difference between your “Needs” and “Wants”. Before I pay for anything – especially something that is a wish list item, I ask myself if there’s anything missing in my life that I have to fill the void by buying this new dress/bag ? Why is it that I am lusting for it when I already have a lot of similar stuffs ? Do i  “NEED” it or do  I “WANT” it?

For records, I love my designer bags, and I do buy them. But I buy “the one” I lust for and not every other interesting piece that I see. So, think again before you blow up your money. One pair less will not do much harm. Another controversial topic is buying Saree, I know, you buy an expensive one only for wedding in your close family. And of course we can’t repeat it …. Its a prestige issue. Gosh, what will they think of me !!! . At the rate of average 2 weddings in a year and 2 sarees, and accessories for each wedding. I got over that paranoia long long ago… which has saved me a couple of lakhs. Now that’s a lot of money !

Yes, we have everything for our needs. Am sure, your wardrobe has enough clothes and shoes to survive for the next 5 years if you stop shopping today. I can bet you on that! Then why is it that we indulge in unnecessary shopping? Is it for validation from others, or to raise your self esteem. Don’t get me wrong; If shopping is your priority number one, as travel is mine, go ahead and indulge in shopping, and the whole saving moves towards shopping. But if travel is on top of your agenda list, embrace the thought that you dont need to spend money on your WANTS, and you will realize that you have enough to spend on your Travel NEEDS.

So if travel is on your list…..lights, camera…action !!!! my dear solo female traveler.

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