Shopping’s on your mind..Shaka laka boom


If shopping is on your travel agenda, here is an interesting thought

Split your shopping budget into 3 parts ;

Day one 20% ( cos I feel all excited to shop till I drop on day 1) and learnt from my mistakes that , more varieties come up the next day.

Day 2 (30% , look for things you really wanted to buy) Buy now you have seen multiple shops and options to make the right choices.

Day 3 (50% of the budget – Most of the stuffs you find would be repetitive, and interest level to splurge would be relatively less. Also by now you know how to haggle and what’s the actual price)

Net effect : You may save 30% on your shopping budget.

Am a diehard shopping queen..but it was truly an eye opener when I met this Chinese girl gang on a shopping spree in Europe. They fly almost every sale season Beijing to Paris to buy expensive handbags. A Louis Vuitton handbag costs 30% more in Beijing than in Paris on a regular day. So they buy discounted products on a bargain and sell to their kitty party friends back home at a premium which will fund their trip. Really !!! That was news to me.

Isn’t that an amazing business idea. Shopping and more shopping to fund your travel dreams.

China, they are very much a country like ours that is finely attuned to social-status signals and branded goods. I read some survey which said that for  80% of Chinese travelers shopping was a crucial part of their travel plans. Much of it is spent on buying high end brands; Chinese tourists have no problem buying Prada by the day but sleeping in two-star hotels by night.  While, all that pushing and shoving and being at the store 5 am to be in Q sounds a bit outrageous, the sheer buying is extraordinary, three Louis Vuitton $ 2000 bags anyone? Half a dozen MK clutches.

Are you insane ??? I asked her “Designer brands means success in our culture. When I go home and give these presents to my parents, they will feel special, and their relatives will see that their daughter has been successful”. Sounds Familiar ???

How similar we are culturally… Whether it’s about savings money or parenting (tiger mom style) Fundamentally, we are all the same.

Image credits : Pinterest

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  1. thelostmango says:

    WOW! I love shopping and this post is such food for thought! I just posted an Italy trip post on my blog, XoXO

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