Hongkong Skyline


Hongkong is a budget travelers paradise. From on arrival visa, with no visa fees, its an absolute delight. Hongkong could be overwhelming for the first time visitor, with the crowd and chaos. The skyscrapers and smoggy weather, hold on to your partner… Finding people who speak English could be slightly challenging. Download a map or download the guide from discover hongkong and keep it handy with your hotel address.

Big Buddha 

Big Budha


This is meant for early risers. Else you would end up standing in the Q for hours together. Took a Combo Pass with Madame Tussards which was a wise decision. Riding the Peak Tram is a visual experience in the midst Hong Kong ’s skyscrapers , at a 50 degree steep angle maybe , though in the beginning it felt like going straight up the sky. And it does stop right in the middle and go maybe 5 meters downwards..Gosh that would give you a mild heart ache. As you look outside and see what slide past the window at what appear to be impossible angles, ( Is it 50 or 80 degrees…wotever) this ride is real fun.


Check out Madam Tussards museum and the Sky Terrace or take the  Peak Circle Walk. The view is just breathtaking.  No words can describe it, no picture worth that sight!


 Mongkok Local Market

We reached Mongkok quite early in the day and had a lot of time to look around before the night markets opened. Went around the local vegetable market. . Check out Sour and Spicy Noodles. They have got the best Chinese spicy noodles and chicken, or if you can’t handle the heat then you can choose the non-spicy option. Best of all, it’s wallet friendly so you won’t be breaking the bank.

Seafood from around the world including dried scallops, dried sea shrimp, and dried fins. cured meat, sausages, and edible bird’s nests are also available.

Have you seen pig heads ??? Yaa.. Pig Head !! They are cured before being sold as a snack to be chopped up by local customers and enjoyed with a beer or rice wine – but when hung on the racks, they appear to be glaring ominously at pedestrians walking by. Yes, all those you see on TLC…have a close look at them and check how courageous you are !!!

Restaurant menus in Hong Kong things don’t look promising for vegetarians. Try some chineese vegetable bun and Lemon Iced Tea or Bubble Tea. There’s a huge variety of mango based treats – just point to the pictures or ask for an English menu. We tried some Conjee (rice porridge) , it was ok ok.


Ladies Market or Temple Street Night Market 

Ahh this is the Hong Kong I  love. Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Night Markets are pretty much right next to each other. Its a shopping heaven. Affordable, chic, fashion..

Do I love travel more or shopping more…well, Its a tuff one. I love to see and touch and feel all of those handbags and clutches, clothes, accessories. No, am not a shopaholic. A few good bargains and some yummy street food. And that’s the best travel experience for me.

A Trip To Ladies Market, Hong Kong – is a pleasure trip. Go here for some unadulterated fun. Be prepared to walk in a crowded aisles and to haggle. And women who manage the stores are so sweet. They will hold you hand, call you “sister” and won’t let you go unless you shop from ’em. Yes “Sisterhood for Shopping”. We are in this together, gals. Yes, we know that fakes and copies are illegal (just saying) but they are here, from Michael Kors to Burburry.The quality I felt was probably that of 1st or 2nd copy in the language of fakes. Hey ..keep some money in reserve for souvenirs. And also for the man in your life. Sneakers market and electronics market are right accross the street. Sim City is perfect for all the geeks and tech lovers. From cameras, to the headphones, this place has everything  for the geek in/with you.

Tired of shopping is a difficult phrase to accept. Phew, that was one busy day !!!

Tomorrow off to Macau


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